moments after a beautiful water birth at home
Kaydee Welchons Midwifery centers its attention on prenatal, home birth and postpartum care for low-risk women.  

You will have 24/7 access to a midwife via email, text or phone, and an ever growing number of handouts and for all stages of pregnancy, as well as books and other resources.  During your prenatal care, you will be offered standard testing for both you and your newborn, and education about what these tests entail.  I will use this time to guide you through the information you need to prepare yourself for your birth.  

At your birth, a minimum of one licensed midwife and a fully trained assistant will attend you.  All emergency equipment will be brought and discreetly set up in your home. We will be observing and monitoring you and your baby for safety while supporting you and your family through the process.   Water is a beautiful tool to add in relaxation and is encouraged for those who desire it, whether just for labor or for delivery.

The team will stay with you 2-4 hours after the birth. During this time we will suture if needed, clean, chart, and do a full physical and neurological exam on the baby. Once mom and baby are stable and our job is done, we will leave you with postpartum instructions and a new family member!   

After delivery, postpartum care begins; we typically see you 1-2 times in your home during the first week, making sure that nursing is going well, mom is making a good recovery, and to answer all your questions.  Then follow up care is bi-weekly as needed, until 6-8 weeks. 

  Kaydee currently provides clinical care in San Marcos near the 78, she also provides in-home based care at an additional fee.  

Home Birth 

Birth in the environment you choose, with the ones you love, open to the flexibility of the moment, a candle lit room, soft music, the warmth of the water.

By having your baby at home you are not sacrificing the presence of a well-trained individual to help you, but you are gaining one who won't leave at shift change and who brings the equipment needed to handle emergencies, such as oxygen, IV set up, anti- hemorrhage medication and much more.

Every birth is attended by a licensed midwife and fully trained assistant. We stay with you for the duration of the birth, and if for some reason there is a transfer of care during labor we will still remain with you through delivery.   
Moms and Dads are encouraged to catch babies and cut cords, and siblings are always welcome!
See my question and answer page for more details about what to expect at a birth. 

Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean

Women who are looking for their options for birth after a previous cesarean have a lot of information to wade through and decisions on what kind of care they are going to pursue.  It is my desire to support women in making a well-educated choice that is right for them. For those who know that they want a home birth, informed consent and asked to read and study up on the information available.

Not all women know what direction they desire to go but would like to start prenatal care while they weigh their options.  For those who  are unsure about having a home birth or even a VBAC I offer prenatal and postpartum follow up care charged per visit, and will be deducted from the global fee if client chooses to stay under my care for delivery. 

If you are considering a VBAC or a HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean) you can check out  or  vbac. com for more information


Prenatal Care 

Prenatal care is the most important part of midwifery care. It is the time of preparation and training for the much-anticipated event of birth and parenthood.

Prenatal care is given in the client’s home for the most ease and relaxation, or in her clinical office in San Marcos near the78,  and usually, lasts about 45 minutes. We talk about your emotional and physical well-being, go over the educational material, and allow plenty of time for questions. Prenatal visits are crucial for an optimal, low-risk birth.  Women are seen monthly until 30 weeks, every two weeks until 37 weeks and then weekly until delivery.

Clients are provided with the same testing options and referrals they would be given if they were seeing an obstetrician.  Labs will be requested, and ultrasounds offered at appropriate times.

Postpartum  Care 

Moms and babies are kept as one, encouraged to stay in bed, being able to recover in their own home, enjoying the first days together. 

One of the many difference between standard obstetrical care and home birth midwifery care is the "4th trimester".  In the midwifery model, mom and baby are still seen as one; when home visits are done, both mom and baby will be examined and breastfeeding help will be offered. Visits will be at 1 and 3 days, and several times through the first 6-8 weeks.  

Supporting first-time dads and “old pros” alike is a special privilege that can be enjoyed in the safety of home. Dads can be at ease not worrying about the baby being whisked away or unwanted testing or shorts being done, and reassured of 24-hour support should a need arise.  

Well Women 

Well Women checkups are an unrushed time for women to be educated about their own health, being given the opportunity to ask questions, bring up concerns or be reassured about changes they are experiencing.  You are able to talk about a wide range of topics such as your stress level, your family’s health history, supplements, and medications you are taking, your mood, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, and life style habits.

 At a Well Women appointment, you will be given a questionnaire/ health history intake to give me some information about yourself,  and to help prompt you in what would be pertinent information to discuss. Gentle and respectful  gynecological care is a priority,  You will be offered:

A clinical breast exam and self-breast exam will be reviewed. 

Physical Exam- which can be nonintrusive, looking for good neurological health, checking your thyroid, looking for masses or other signs of concern.

Pelvic Exam - if desired, this is an external and internal visual of the vulva, vagina, and cervix, it also includes an internal palpation of vaginal vault, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. This is often done in combination with a Pap smear. 

Laboratory Testing some testing is recommended for general overall health, such as a Metabolic Screen, Vitamin D, Hemoglobin a1c, Complete Blood Count, C-Reactive Protein, and Homocysteine. Other labs may be recommended such as a Pap smear, STI testing and cultures,  based on age, life style, family history, or concerns and findings brought up in the exam.  

Referrals for additional screening as indicated- thromagrophy, mammograms, ultra sound or a specialist as need. 

We will so talk in detail about-  Sexual and reproductive health, good diet and life style choices.  

What you eat and do with your body vastly affects all areas of your health, from mood to weight to chronic fatigue, hormone suppression, and immune health just to name a few. We will walk through questions you might have about your sexuality, birth control or fertility awareness, and during menopause, I can help you navigate those changes. 

Well women appointments are an 1- 1 1/2 hours long you will be charged  $200 at time of visit and be given a super bill to submit to your insurance.  

 Nutritional Advising 

For my midwifery clients, my knowledge of nourishing foods is interwoven throughout their care, but for those intrested in more in-depth classes that are available.    
I provide: 

Kitchen Organization
Get your kitchen organized for best efficiency, so that your kitchen works for you!
Having worked in many different kitchens, I quickly realized that the way you organize and supply your kitchen can be the difference between whipping up a yummy batch of cookies (with kids on the hip) in 15 minutes, or in an hour-- with lots of frustration. Having things where you need them is the first step in cooking with ease.
Shopping Navigation 
The next step in cooking well and efficiently is to have the basic items needed on hand. Cooking with real food means finding real food…What is that? Where can you find it? I would like to help you understand labels, and stock your pantry for the best fit you and your family needs.

Cooking Instruction 
I can provide one-on-one instruction on the basics of a nourishing diet- including slow cooking meats, lacto-fermenting, soaking, and baking outside of the box. One of the keys to being efficient in the kitchen is mastering the basics so you don’t have to follow a recipe if you don’t what to.  

Meal Planning 
I want to see families love being in the kitchen!  It is easy to get swept up in “life” and lose focus. Creating a plan that is personalized to your family will help you know what to cook when you are at a loss.
Purchase the private consultation package @ $300 or separate class consultations @ $85. Each session is approx. 2hrs.

Before I meet with you I  offer a free 15-minute phone consult to make sure we are a good fit; you will receive a questionnaire based on the classes that you choose so we come best prepared to meet your needs.

For those also receiving midwifey care there is an additional discount.   

Fees for Midwifery Services

The Global Maternity and Delivery Fee is $4900.  $800 down payment is expected at the first visit,  this followed by an individualized payment plan to be paid in full by 36 weeks’ gestation. A few exceptions apply, please call the office for more information on fees.  A 12% active military discount is available. All clients are expected to pay for care at the time of service.
  * The down payment is to reserve your place on my calendar and is deducted out of the $4900
The Midwifery Services fee does not include:  Labs, ultrasound, birth kit, supplements, or referrals with other care providers  
Currently, insurance billing is not provided. A super bill will be given at the end of care to be submitted to your insurance company. All services rendered are considered out of network unless a gap exemption letter has been approved before care is initiated.  For PPO plans it is highly recommended to do a Verification of Benefits to see what your insurance covers and does not cover.
For insurance groups contracted with Lab Corp, labs will be coved per your coverage plan, but this is not guaranteed. Labs will be billed directly from Lab Corp.  Cash pricing is available for labs.   
SonoHealth, used for ultrasounds, is in network with most PPO plans.          

Water Birth  

Using water to labor and give birth in is one of the many options available to you and is a popular choice among my clients.  However, this method of giving birth is little researched.

Some of the possible benefits of water during labor and birth is, a more relaxed state of the mother relieving tension and decreasing pain, reduced blood pressure and increased circulation,  a more relaxed pelvic floor lessening vaginal and perineal tissue trauma at the time of birth, and buoyancy. 

During care you will be educated more in depth of the risk and benefits of water. In some causes water is not the safest option for delivery such as in the incident of thick meconium, un-reassuring  fetal heart tones, or excessive maternal bleeding.

Birthing tub rentals  are available for a minimal fee and included a sump pump for quick clean up after the birth.  

Read more about the research on water for labor and  birth  from Evidence-Based-Birth and  Journal of  Midwifery  & Womens Health            
EBB- Waterbirth 

Placenta Encapsulation

Ingesting the placenta is rooted in ancient cultures all over the world, and now in more recent decades, it is becoming a more popular practice in western society. It is believed that the placenta possesses many nutritive and hormonal properties useful to the postpartum recovery period. Women are learning about the anecdotal benefits of consuming their placenta and eager to enhance their recovery after birth.
Although placenta ingestion is not well studied scientifically yet, there is a growing group of new moms that report experiencing many benefits of consuming their placenta, including better sleep, more stable mood and energy, increased milk supply, less weepiness, decreased bleeding, increased healing, and decreased anxiety. I see and hear about this quite often with my own clients and am happy to provide the following services to all expecting families.

There are many methods of placenta preparation available to you:

Raw Cubing of the Whole Placenta-$250
We clean, examine and cut the maternal side of the placenta and wrap each individual piece to be used for 1 smoothie each. Most placentas yield 30-50 pieces, and we recommend 2 smoothies a day. This method will get you the most immediate benefit and your first 2 smoothies come already blended for your convenience.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Encapsulation, TCM -$250
We clean, examine, lightly steam and dehydrate the placenta. We grind the dehydrated placenta into a fine powder and place it inside capsules to be ingested as a pill. This method is believed to provide the most long-term tonifying benefits of all the methods of consumption.

Raw Encapsulation -$250
We clean, examine and dehydrate the placenta without heating it up. We grind the dehydrated placenta into a fine powder and place it in capsules to be ingested as a pill. This method is believed to provide the most immediate and strong but shorter-term benefit compared to the TCM method.

Half Raw/ Half TCM -$280
With this method we divide the placenta in half and processes one part TCM and one part raw as described above. This is the best encapsulation choice for the mother who wants to experience the benefits of both methods of preparation.

Loose Powder- $200
This option can be done with TCM or Raw methods of processing, leaving out the step of encapsulation into pills. Loose powder is a great budget-friendly way to enjoy all the benefits of the placenta. Placenta powder can be added to drinks, food, smoothies or taken plain with a shot of water.

After choosing the method that will suite you best for placenta preparation, there are some add-ons to consider incorporating into your package to get the most out of your placenta
Complimentary with every preperation:
Placenta Print -Get an imprint of your placenta on water color paper, Placenta Photos- receive 3-5 photos of your placenta during the examination process, Cord Keepsake- the umbilical cord is dehydrated into a heart shape for you to add to keep

Additional Charge:

Tincture -$30
A small piece of placenta is placed inside a 4 oz bottle of high-grade alcohol to create a tincture. Steeping for 6 weeks is required, although once it is fermented, the tincture can be continually replenished to last forever. Instructions included.

Salve -$30
2 capsules of placenta powder are utilized to infuse into a calming combination of oils to soothe the skin of any family member, although it is especially useful for eczema, diaper rash and cracked nipples.

7 Day Smoothie Prep -$30
In addition to an encapsulation method, you can take advantage of the benefits of raw placenta. We reserve and prepare 14 cubes of raw placenta to be frozen in individual pieces for you to add to smoothies during your first week of postpartum healing. It is recommended to take 2 servings a day, lasting 7 days total. We bring your first day’s smoothies to you already prepared so that you can begin your supplementing right away.

Safe handling and preparation is of utmost importance to me. Tiffany Alblinger is a trained and experienced Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and practices Universal Precautions and Standards that maintain sterility of all materials and equipment used in the careful and systematic processing of each placenta. She strictly adheres to all guidelines set forth by OSHA for infection prevention and blood-borne pathogen transmission.

Tiffany aims to provide speedy service with as little impact on your family bonding time as possible. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about placenta encapsulation being right for your postpartum health and recovery.  

Watch this video for new research on plecenta consumption. 
 Placenta Consumption

 Advanced Medically Licensed  Doula/ Monitrice

A doula is a trained professional who offers emotional, educational, and physical support during pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum. A doula should be educated in the process of birth and understand hospital procedures to prepare and educate the mother as needed.
Understanding the physiology and, emotional needs of a woman in labor through years of experience attending of 300 deliveries, and being trained as a midwife I provided mothers confidence knowing they are well supported through their labor and delivery allowing them to fully focus on their work.

Doulas are for father JUST as much as they are there for the mother.  The doula can be reassurance that events are progressing normally, offer education, and suggest ways for the partner to offer care to the laboring mother. They also give the father the ability to take a quick nap, eat if it is a long birth so they will be ready for caring for mom and baby after birth.    
The birth of children is an event that is remembered forever and becomes a part of a mother’s lifelong story which she will tell repeatedly through her lifetime.   
A Monitrice provides all doula services, and in addition are licensed to give medical evaluations such as maternal vitals, monitoring of the baby’s heart rate, palpation of the baby, vaginal exams and can offer medical advice based on findings.   

*I do not offer strictly doula services  

Provided services

Before Labor:
  • 1-2 prenatal visits  – these visits are designed to get to know one another and talk about birth preferences of the couple.    
  • Aid in creating a birth plan
  • 24 hour on-call time from 36 to 42weeks, unless other arrangements are made
  • Open communication via phone, text or email once hired
  • Written information and resources

During Labor
  • Continuous in-home or hospital physical and emotional support throughout labor and delivery for the mother and supporting family giving reassurance and perspective, massage, relaxation, and positioning techniques
  • Recording of experience -charting times, taking pictures or videos with your media device 
  • Clinical evaluations while at home, such as maternal vitals, babies positioning, fetal heart rate with hand-held Doppler, vaginal exams as desired to assess progress and clinical advice.
  • The use of homeopathy, essential oils, and herbs as wanted       

After the birth
  • Remaining with you 1-2 hours’ postpartum  
  • Lactation assistance following the birth
  • Follow up visit with you in your home  
  • 24-hour phone or email communication the first 2 weeks after delivery  

As a licensed midwife, it is important for me to make a distinction between my role as a midwife and as a hired doula/monitrice.

I cannot:
  • Deliver your baby at home.
  • Make decisions for you. I will, however, do my best to help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.
  • Speak to the medical staff on your behalf.  I will support you in your decisions, however, you and your partner must be the ones communicating your desires to the staff. 

The fee for Doula/Monitrice services is - $1800.

Kaydee Welchons Midwifery Services