1. 31 Jan, 2018
    Traditional Pregnancy Eating
    Pregnancy Nutrition Nutrition in pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. Being one of the most important times to provide your body with the right building blocks and fuel, consider what might be important for you to change about your diet to ensure the most successful pregnancy possible. Nutritionally dense foods enable your body to fully undergo the natural processes of pregnancy and labor, and fill your body with the needed supplies for successful breastfeeding. During pregnancy, your body
  2. 17 Jan, 2018
    Are You Pregnant During Flu Season?
    How to Prevent & Treat Illness During Pregnancy  Cold and flu season stretch from Nov-April; that’s a whole 6 months and could be the bulk of many women’s entire pregnancies. Most pregnant women are concerned about how to stay their healthiest during pregnancy and then how to respond in the case of catching a virus. We will discuss how to keep your immune system at optimum operation and some common natural remedies you may want to have on hand if you’re pregnant during cold and flu season. A
  3. Physical Therapy during Pregnancy and Postpartum
    11 Jan, 2018
    Physical Therapy during Pregnancy and Postpartum
    I met Lauren this summer while she was working on a client of mine, my client sang her praise so loudly that I JUST had to see what great work she was doing for myself. Let me say I wasn't disappointed. If you are someone who already believes in holistic care and you don't have to be told twice to see a chiropractor you might want to consider a physical therapist.  As my work revolves around women's health and more specifically pregnancy, birth and postpartum I have seen first hand the real
  4. Siblings at birth- San Diego Home Birth
    26 Jul, 2017
    Children at a Home Birth
    Children at a Home Birth Here are some ideas for preparing children for witnessing a birth and meeting the new family member. Over the years as a licensed midwife I have seen lots of births with children of all ages present and it is a very positive experience for the children and family. My first experience with birth was with siblings present. Everyone was quiet and watchful, excited to meet their younger brother.  There was a moment of intensity on everyone’s face the moments before his


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