Kaydee  Welchons  Midwifery is a full-scope midwifery practice offering out-of-hospital births to mothers in San Diego County and the Temecula Valley.  It is my privilege to also serve women and their families by offering well woman care, nutritional advising, fertility awareness, and natural family planning classes.  

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Prenatal Care  

Home Birth  

Advanced Doula  

Water Birth  

  ​Time spent each month checking in with mom and baby; during this time we measure the baby’s growth, palpate the baby’s positon, listen to heart tones, and do vials on the mother. This is the time when we talk about upcoming labs, and prepare the mother and family for the birth.       

I provide home birth care to women across San Diego county and Temecula Valley, giving supportive and medical care to moms during labor. A team of two or more will come to you bringing emergency medical supplies, discreetly preparing for the birth, ready to assist the mother and family as needed.  
  As a  monitrice I support a woman in labor and am able to provided medical knowledge and evaluations helping the mother feel safe while she labors, able to perform vaginal exams, and vitals at home. When you are ready to depart for the hospital, I will remain with you throughout the birth process.  

  ​I support water birth, and encourage moms to have it as an option for labor even if they don’t desire to have their baby in the water.  It creates bouyancy, improves  circulation  and can help the mother relax into her labor.   For those desiring a water birth, we provided birth pool rentals and supplies.      
water birth at home
labor support by partner
home birth tub for water birth


Postpartum Care  

Well Woman  

I work with women who have previously had a cesarean, and who are desiring a vaginal delivery. I give them reassurance, emotional support, and educate them on their options.  Talking about and providing resources on the risksand benefits of both a hospital delivery and home delivery.  
  After the birth I stay 2-4 hours and do a complete physical and neurological exam on the baby.  I return to you on the 1st and 3rd day to check in on mom and baby to ensure recovery is going well. After that, I see you at 2 and 6 weeks  and additionally as needed to follow the family through full transition.   
  Preventive care is encouraged for all women.  I provide personalized care and testing options based on the woman’s needs. I address stress level,  family’s health history, supplements, medications, your mood, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, life style habits, and complete Gynecological care.     

women's preventative health

Plecenta Encapsulation  

Nutritional Advising  


Natural Family Planning  

For those desiring placenta preparation (encapsulation, raw, tincture) this can be done by our team.  I will take the  placenta  with me,  it will be prepared and  brough to you within a couple of days following the birth.  Consuming your placenta can help with mood, anemia,  energy level and milk supply.    
  I teach hands-on education in healthy food preparation including lacto-fermenting foods, shopping on a budget, and label reading; helping moms to provided healthier foods for their families.  This service is provided as a private or group class or as a kitchen makeover for healthy eating.   
  For those who desire to document their birth experience, my sister is a birth photographer who provides her services at minimal cost as she is going through her training.  Birth photography is a beautiful way to capture the moment. She provides edited digital pictures, and additional services as desired.          

  Natural Family Planning (NFP) or fertility awareness is ambiguous and unfamiliar to most.  I aim to change that by facilitate NFP classes, which included follow up support with charting and fertility awareness education which include options such as how to use the Fem Cap or Cava.   

placenta pills
natural family planning in marriage
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Philosophy of Care
Midwifery, a delicate balance of science in evidenced based practice and the unstudied phenomenon of a mother’s intuition of her body coming together in personalized care for each woman. A women should have the right to be educated about the care she is receiving, encouraged to seek answers, be provided with informed consent, and given the opportunity to take an active part in her care. 

It is a pleasure to help women who desire to be recognized as knowledgeable and able to make educated choices for themselves, and who want to know their care provider personally, and to not be collected into a system. As a midwife, it is my aim to provide a cultivating atmosphere in which mothers feel safe to bring their babies up to their arms.

Every woman is different, some need a more hands-on approach with more guidance, while others just need tender reassurance that their instinct is right; it is through a relationship, instruction, and proven care that this place is found.

"I believe that life begins at fertilization and is a  gift to be respected from its inception.   Women were created by a Creator to grow and bring life through their bodies into our world."     

For more information on the International Philosophy of Care for the Midwife and the Definition of the Midwife, please refer to this brief document written by the International Confederation of Midwives 


Philosophy of Care
Definition of the  Midwife 
Midwifery care should be…
“A place of RESPECT,
EDUCATION for every mother,
Pregnancy with GUIDANCE,
SAFETY in a vulnerable moment,
Care given in GENTLENESS, 
and UNDERSTANDING of the mother’s needs”

Practicing Evidenced Based Birth
Traditional Based Birth

Midwifery care is all about education, information, and informed choice. As consumers, we have more information available at our fingertips than ever before, however with the internet anything can be said and opinions and experiences are often presented as fact.

Within the midwifery community we practice evidenced based birth AND traditional based birth.  Traditional based birth when it does not contradict evidenced based birth can be beautiful and time honoring; just as women have been giving birth for thousands of years so has the midwife been attending them and passing down her knowledge.

There are many midwifery practices such as the use of herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, placenta encapsulation, position changes in labor, and even water birth,  that are not well research and should not be presented to a client as fact but as tradition and experience.  

All care providers should be providing evidenced based care, staying well informed on new research, willing to learn and make a distinction between evidence, personal experience, and opinion , when presenting information to consumers.  

You can take some of the tips and resource in this post from Evidenced Based Birth to help you sort through the mass of information out there.
How to do Research 

List of Qustions to Ask in an Interview 

Below  is a link to a great list of questions to ask prospective care providers during your interviews from Grow Slow. ​ I offer free in-person, and phone consultation.  Let's meet, drink tea and get to know each other! 

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