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Thursday, August 24, 2017


Kaydee Welchons


  1. 17 Jan, 2018
    Are You Pregnant During Flu Season?
    How to Prevent & Treat Illness During Pregnancy  Cold and flu season stretch from Nov-April; that’s a whole 6 months and could be the bulk of many women’s entire pregnancies. Most pregnant women are concerned about how to stay their healthiest during pregnancy and then how to respond in the case of catching a virus. We will discuss how to keep your immune system at optimum operation and some common natural remedies you may want to have on hand if you’re pregnant during cold and flu season. A
  2. Physical Therapy during Pregnancy and Postpartum
    11 Jan, 2018
    Physical Therapy during Pregnancy and Postpartum
    I met Lauren this summer while she was working on a client of mine, my client sang her praise so loudly that I JUST had to see what great work she was doing for myself. Let me say I wasn't disappointed. If you are someone who already believes in holistic care and you don't have to be told twice to see a chiropractor you might want to consider a physical therapist.  As my work revolves around women's health and more specifically pregnancy, birth and postpartum I have seen first hand the real
  3. 07 Jan, 2018
    What Sugar is Doing in Your Body    The ongoing battle with sugar is a reality for most people.  Your cells indirectly burn glucose for fuel, and sugar breaks down into these usable glucose molecules, as well as carbohydrates. Even though your body can also burn fat, it will use glucose as long as there is a ready supply of it. Unfortunately, sugars and starchy foods are consumed in greater quantities than our bodies can use, and too much glucose leads to insulin resistance, gestational
  4. Shameless Treat
    22 Dec, 2017
    Shameless Treat
    Merry Christmas everyone! I am sure your homes are bursting with secrets, surprises, and once-a-year treats. If you do not already have enough ideas and recipes in your mind, I will throw another one at you. This one is fun, tasty, quick, and most importantly: enjoyable without very much sweetener.  Lemon, or chocolate, or double chocolate macaroons, or any of your favorite spices make a shameless treat. Here is what you will need: 2 ½ cups unsweetened coconut shreds, 6 egg whites (do
  5. 06 Dec, 2017
    A New Way to Make Soup for This Winter
    Homemade broth is one of the most nourishing foods you can give to your body. This traditional food enjoyed by our ancestors around the world is so simple, yet full of complex nutrients that our bodies need. Just a bone boiled in water in its simplest state, homemade broth fills the cooking pot with vital minerals, collagen, and nutrients that our bodies use to heal the gut and maintain healthy joints. Today, grocery store meat counters are filled with boneless, skinless, low-fat cuts of
  6. 4 Things Pregnant Women Can Be Doing Now to Plan for Postpartum
    19 Oct, 2017
    4 Things Pregnant Women Can Be Doing Now to Plan for Postpartum
    Today we have a guest post by our friend Gracie DelMar, who brings some postpartum wisdom to us through her own trials with post-birth recovery and what women can be doing now to protect that special time with their newborn. This friendly advice is not just for the new mom either, read about how it took Gracie 3 kids later and a lot of new education to identify the type of support women need after birth- AND how to get it... "Six years ago I was pregnant with my first son. My husband and I were
  7. Pelvic Floor Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum
    30 Aug, 2017
    Pelvic Floor Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum
    What is the pelvic floor? The pelvic floor creates a sling-like stretch of muscle fibers that support the pelvic contents:  the reproductive organs, rectum, and bladder. The pelvic floor is composed of two layers, the superficial and the deep pelvic floor muscles which function together to make up the levator ani (Kegel) muscle group. It is responsible for voluntary muscle control of urination and defecation but also facilitates birth by pushing the baby forward during second stage. HERE is a
  8. 16 Aug, 2017
    What To Do When You First Find Out You’re Pregnant
    There are 100 things running through your mind the moment you discover you are pregnant! First things first, here's our list of what to do right away... Find Out How Pregnant You Are                 Early symptoms of pregnancy: Some women insist they knew they were pregnant before a missed period. Some of these early signs include breast tenderness, fullness or ache in your lower abdomen, fatigue and drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, lightheadedness, increased vaginal secretions, frequent
  9. 09 Aug, 2017
    Care of the Perineum in Childbirth
    The intact perineum at birth, for all moms, is the goal of both the midwife and the mother herself. While many moms know they want this outcome, they may not always understand what factors contribute to keeping the vaginal tissues intact. What is the perineum? How does someone support the elasticity of the perineum? How can we minimize stress to the vaginal tissue during the pushing phase of birth? When is a perineal repair (stitches) necessary after birth? What can the mother do to aid in the
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