Kaydee Welchons | LM CPM 
   Licensed Midwife & Certified Professional Midwife
Attending women through pregnancy and postpartum recovery 

Having worked in the midwifery field for over 7 years and having attended more than 300 births both here and abroad, I am excited to continue serving San Diego and Riverside counties through Kaydee Welchons Midwifery, established March of 2016.   

I am a Licensed Midwife by the Medical Board of California, the same licensing body for CA physicians, and I am a Certified Professional Midwife. I went through years of rigorous schooling and 48 months of full time clinical training.  I am comfortable with birth, and I love to bring that comfort to others. I have had a wide variety of experiences instilling in me confidence to deal with the sometimes-unexpected events of pregnancy and birth.
Having lived in San Diego for the last 15 years, I am well established in the community and have a phenomenal support base of both family and midwives.
In 2012 I started extensive research into nutrition, building on the base that had been established  in me through my formative years. With my sister we started teaching practical nutritional classes, both group and private, on lacto-fermenting, traditional eating, and kitchen organization.  
Growing up as the eldest in a large family, responsibility and care of others has been deeply instilled in me from a very young age. My family is very centeral to my life, we love to go hiking, do puzzles, and make sauerkraut together.  But my true love and devotion is to the Lord, He is my Corner Stone and Salvation.
San Diego Midwife, Kaydee Welchons
Professional Trainning
& Midwifery Career 
  • In-the-field experience attending over 300 births
  • Midwifery work in the Middle East (2015)
  • Community outreach, integrating midwifery and allopathic models of care by providing OB classes (CEU’s) for local paramedics (2014)   
  • A strong supporter of furthering midwifery; preceptor for Nizhoni, a MEAC accredited midwifery school (with two students successfully trained and licensed) since May 2014
  • A dynamic team member with Birth Matters Inc.  from 2011- 2016  
  • Managed births with complications of cord entanglement, shoulder dystocia, maternal hemorrhage, un-reassuring heart tones, maternal and infant transport to hospital (both private and with EMS), retained placenta, failure to progress, breech delivery.     
  • Culture Competency training (2017)
  • Mercy in Action, Global Midwifery Skills (2015)
  • CAM Conference/ Tongue Tie seminar  (2015) 
  • Physical and sexual abuse training  (2014)
  • National Midwifery Institute  (2011- 2014)
  • 34 month Apprenticeship with Birth Matters Inc. (2011-2014)
  • 14 month apprenticeship with Michelle Ruebke, CPM  (2009-2010)
  • Midwifery Today conference in Strasburg France  (2010)
  • Midwifery Essentials 3-day assistant class (2007)
  • Multiple continuing educations seminars 

Meet the Team 

San Diego Student Midwife, Tiffany Alblinger
Tiffany Alblinnger
I am am a wife and mother of 3 in Carlsbad. I was introduced to the need of supportive birthing experiences for women after the hospital birth of my first daughter in 2010.  Becoming a childbirth educator later that year, I was quickly won to the role of a doula after attending a few of my student’s births.

The Lord allowed midwifery to capture my heart at the first homebirth I ever attended, and I quickly applied and was accepted into Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in San Diego in 2013. With a diploma in Holistic Midwifery and over 100 births later, I am honored to be serving families with Kaydee Welchons Midwifery  as a birth assistant and placenta encapsulation specialist.  

I  feel the birthing family has the best opportunity for autonomy, safe and individualized care and a peaceful welcoming of Baby, at home  for low risk pregnancy. 
Birth Assitant 
"The Lord allowed midwifery to capture my heart at the first homebirth I ever attended."

Through my sister, Kaydee, I have been given the opportunity to practice a very special and challenging form of photography — birth photography. Since this summer, I have attended 7 births and am looking forward to many more. Being a student photographer still, I am privileged to have this uncommon opportunity.

I started intentionally training as a photographer four years ago.  As I progressed and my skill increased, I photographed for a youth organization, the Sea Cadets, for two years and at verity of events.  Currently, I am taking a digital photography class at Palomar College. 

Rachel Welchons
San Diego Homebirth Photographer, Rachel Welchons
"I am privileged to have this uncommon opportunity.
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